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    why in Flex4.5  the Spark.Component.DataGrid`s  DoubleClick don`t have a response

    旭東 Level 1

      I use a DataGrid in Flex4.5  And I had Add a GridEvent.DoubleClick  Listerner for it ,and Call a function ;

      but it does`t  have a response


      <s:DataGrid id="musicInfo" x="0" y="20" width="312" height="280" requestedRowCount="4" doubleClick="musicInfo_doubleClickHandler(event)">
            <s:GridColumn headerText="編號" dataField="MusicTurn" width="40"/>
            <s:GridColumn headerText="歌曲名字" dataField="MusicName"/>
            <s:GridColumn headerText="歌曲訊息" dataField="MusicInfo"/>
            <s:GridColumn headerText="歌曲長度" dataField="MusicLength"/>


      protected function musicInfo_doubleClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
          // TODO Auto-generated method stub

             trace((e.target as DataGrid).selectedItem);