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    [Crash] Scrubbing through sequence.

    Mix3d Nuts



           I am trying to edit multiple videos, but Premiere Pro keeps crashing when I scrub through a video.


           I am capturing the videos from another program with Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. These files are captured in 1080i from my Xbox, and I save them in 1080i 29.XX FPS and in AVI Motion JPEG format.


           G-Spot info:    7.3 GB - MJPG

                                1920 x 1080

                                sar: 1.778 (16:9)

                                par: 1.000 (1:1)

                                dar: 1.778 (16:9)                 

                                video average bitrate: 92434



                The video plays fine for about 30 or so seconds, but then it stops and the program crashes.


           What sequence preset should I be using?