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    attach to email issue - reader x


      I have an issue where a client is trying to attach a pdf to an email via Acrobat Reader X. When they try to, a bar appears on the left hand side of the screen, the processing logo appears and it just hangs. I can get it to happen eventually by closing acrobat then re-opening and re-trying. This can happen multiple times in some situations.


      Not sure if this is related but the reader seems to open 2 processes when opening 1 document.


      OS - W7P

      Email client - Outlook 2007


      Thanks guys & gals

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          We have had similar calls as well on this. It also seemed to impact not only .pdfs but also excel or picture files (jpegs).


          Due to the hassle, had some success if you chose the middle option just after installing adobe reader x, and choosing "always run protected mode - Disabled at startup"


          Alternatively, that also didn't work on one example. So we just removed reader x, and put 9.4.3 back on, without the additional protected modes/options. Works just fine.






          I didn't see anything related to this, but it seems to not only affect xp, but windows 7 as well.




          Downgrade and place the 9.4.3 back on, and wait for a update/newer revision.