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    Problems moving files to collapsed packages


      Hi -


      I'm frustrated with a new feature in Flash Builder that collapses packages that contain only other packages but no files. I've set my Package Presentation setting to "hierarchical", but the packages are still collapsed where there are no files in them. This is highly problematic for me when I want to move classes to a new package.


      consider this use case -


      I want to move class A to package x.y where package x contains no classes and only sub packages.


      I want




      as the result


      but instead I end up with




      Is there a work around for this? Am I missing something?


      See this thread for other users experiencing this issue.




      One solution for an improved user experience would be to expand collapsed packages during a drag action. This would preserve the package collapse enhancement without resulting in the above described issues with moving files to new packages. Thanks.