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    hyperlink pop-up and bookmarks

      A bug seems to have been introduced related to hyperlinks and bookmarks. I'm using RoboHelp 6 for developing WebHelp.

      Several of my help topics include bookmarks. In the project, the bookmarks appear below their respective help files correctly. This is not the case in the Hyperlink pop-up. When I attempt to create a hyperlink to a bookmark, the Hyperlink pop-up appears with the "Select destination" pane showing all the files and bookmarks in the selected folder. The bookmarks are now listed alphabetically at the same level as the help files, instead of below their respective files. I often use the same bookmark name in different files and those bookmarks are now lumped together so I have to click on each one to figure out which file it belongs to. This has not been the case in past releases. Has anybody else seen this behavior?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi tscjlemmer and welcome to our community

          Indeed it would appear a small change did occur with respect to this. However, I find that if I just click the drop-down that allows me to change folders and move from inside the folder I'm in so I'm looking at the "All Folders" view, I get the normal view with the bookmarks beneath the topic they are associated with.

          Hope this helps a smidge... Rick
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            Well, this does help a smidge, but only until Adobe fixes this bug. It seems like this should be an easily fixable bug.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi dib_ and welcome to our community

              For you and anyone else that views this as a bug, I would strongly encourage you to report it to Adobe as such. You may do this by clicking here.

              The reason I suggest this is because the developers may not view this as a bug. Only by hearing from assorted customers will it begin to gain attention.

              Cheers... Rick
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                dib_ Level 1
                Thanks Rick. If that had been the default behavior of the hyperlink dialog in previous RH releases, then I would not consider this a bug.

                Since I did not see this behavior as a new and exciting feature warranting a listing in the What's New document for this RH release, I certainly do consider it to be a bug.

                I think that's also why the original post referred to this as a bug in the second word of the post. I would also consider your use of the word "normal" when providing the work-around to revert to the "normal view" (as opposed to the abnormal view reported to you) to be a small concession on your part that this is also a bug.
                : )

                Anyone else who sees this as a bug, should file a bug too. So now it looks like the count of people who think this is a bug numbers 3.
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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi again

                  I would tend to agree with you that in most user's view, it is indeed a bug. Certainly, I would also agree that it is a departure from the past way of working. What I try to do is to always remember that the developers that now work with the RoboHelp code are no longer the developers that once did. Thus, they may have made an intentional change that, although not listed among the touted new features, is intentional nonetheless.

                  I'm pleased you did report it. Oftentimes, many of you out there depend upon those of us that are Adobe Community Experts to watch out for you. And believe me, we do try. But when it comes to nuances such as this, what we report has nowhere near the weight of what seeing reports from numerous other users will have.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    dib_ Level 1

                    Sorry for the sarcasm... Catching me on the wrong end of a long RoboHelp conversion. Much much thanks on your pointing me to the bug URL.

                    I've actually been impressed for the most part with the new features that have been incorporated into RH.