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    Anyway for collaborators to see captions & Tags?


      In the midst of family photo project. I have created group albums.  I had previously learned that collaborators cannot update tags or captions... which is what I really needed.... so I thought I would have them enter comments and I would enter updated tags & Captions myself.   Now it appears that they cannot even see the tags I have assigned?  Is this correct?


      Is there anyway I can allow for other family members to edit/update captions & tags short of giving everyone my account sign-in?  I am reluctant to put 25.000 images at risk all at once.


      Also... is there any comprehensive source of information on how this all works... I am spending hours/days finding things the hard way.


      Sure hope someone can help





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          Komal Desai Level 2

          Hello 'GeneMark',


          As you have mentioned, currrently PS.com users do not have access to change/modify tags & descriptions for other owner's images. As you have mentioned the images you have uploaded/added in Group Album are all owned by you then collaborators will not have rights to modify the tag & description of same.


          But you can give your login info of PS.com to your family members and then they will be able to assign tags to the images in a Group Album or other wise.


          You can find generic help around Group Album @http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Photoshop.com/Using/WS58a04a822e3e5010-7314c3b112642d98cdb-800 0.html but the specific case which you have mentioned is not added there.


          Thanks for raising this question, we will add it in our help as well as in FAQ.


          Let me know if this helps.





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            GeneMark13 Level 1

            Hello Komal,


            Thanks for the response... I now know that I have not missed something. 


            As feedback for you... I really like the concepts included with the synching

            and creating albums based on tags.  My sense is that my usage scenarios must

            not be quite what the designers/product managers designed the capabilities

            for.  My scenario is not so much the creation of beautiful images as it is

            managing a very large effort of making a family image collection useful and

            available in interesting ways to many family members.  In our case the

            photos go back to early 1900 and it takes a real collaborative effort to get

            them identified and tagged... I suspect there are many (perhaps most) other

            families who have a need/desire/potential to do the same.  In my case , I

            would have initiated some dozens of new users if the capabilities were

            there... Clearly the product needs some minor tweeks to make it really great

            for this purpose.  Even more so, you need some tutorials,

            documentation...help for the floundering user... this is a real issue.  I

            have spent several weeks almost non-stop getting to where I am... and at

            this point I must say I am questioning my choice of tools... mostly because

            of how difficult the journey to here has been. Hope these comments are



            Again thanks so much for responding... it will keep me going!