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    Field order on DVD Video disk projects - cannot output ".VOB" with upper field first,,

    Dave Pre EL 9.0

      Can anyone help ? - in Australia most DVD players (PAL) display the best video image in terms of picture quality and motion smoothness when the "VOB" files created on the DVD Video disk (for PAL), are Upper field first. I can only get "VOB" files with Lower field first from Premiere Elements 9.0.


      I have spent many hours experimenting, and then 90 minutes talking to Adobe support who were very helpful - but unable to resolve the issue.


      My Premiere Elements 9.0 has been updated to 9.0.1, but I am still unable to obtain VOB's with Upper field first. The resultant DVD's are not easy to watch.


      (MPEG files can be created with Upper field first from the "Advanced" button - but there is no Advanced button on the Blu Ray/DVD option in the "Share" tab.)


      Thanking you, Dave.