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    VFX artist needed - possibly a good opportunity


      Hello, everyone.


      I'm a director who was invited into a small competition to make a music video for Chemical Brothers.


      Now if the video wins, it will become the official video for chemical brothers - and their videos usually get a lot of attention (up to 4-20 million views on youtube).


      But my visual effects artist just bailed on me and did so very last minute.


      The deadline is tomorrow at 11 am GMT - so there is very little time. But thankfully the effects are quite simple.


      A basic  demon facewarp is needed -> see here http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/demon_face_warp/


      and two other very basic effects.


      Now like I said, if we win - it is likely the video will get a lot of views.. You will then be fully credited and I'd  put your website, youtube channel, email, etc into the video description.


      If you are interested, please send me a message immediately. I know the deadline is steep, but the effects are simple and it should be possible to do this in a few hours.