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    capture videos from rca to usb?

    w1n78 Level 2

      trying to capture videos off the vcr. i'm using an RCA to USB cable. i  don't see the option anywhere. is it a limitation of the trial version  or it's not possible with premiere elements? is there an adobe software that will allow me to capture from my vhs? or do i have to use another software to capture then use PE to edit?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't use most low-end capture cards or devices or capture video via USB if you plan to edit it in Premiere Elements, w. The resultant video won't be a format the program can work with.


          The FAQs to the right of this forum discuss DV bridges, devices which can capture almost any video as DV-AVIs, the video format Premiere Elements and virtually all PC-based video editors prefer to work with.


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            w1n78 Level 2

            thanks. i guess i am spoiled with iMovie where i capture and edit on  the same software. i am starting to "jailbreak" my way out of apple  though. checking out what other softwares out there i can use. i  recently built a pc to increase software compatibility. looking at sony  vegas as well, though i'm not sure it will take advantage of my nvidia  cuda like adobe does. i'll check out your link. thanks again.