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    Standalone application for mac like with .net VB

    mmargeta Level 1

      Is there a way to build a standalone application on Mac OS X that will do the scripting of InDesign like it can be produced on Windows with .Net Visual Basic? Can anyone give me a few hints to create "Hello world". I'm just looking for a simple tutorial with few steps that will describe the creation of simple form with a button that can do something to InDesign and get some values from InDesign just like with .Net VB can be done.


      I have rich developed application written in .Net VB as a part of my editorial system (scripting support from InDesign in few examples showed how to do it) and I would like to have the same on Mac. Here are few requirements what this application have to do:

      - to be a standalone application runing on Mac OS X

      - have GUI with standard elements... grid, buttons

      - can get values from inDesign and from InDesign's active document

      - can perform any task to InDesign and get the result


      I have macbook for few years and I now about applescript on mac but don't know how to produce it in the way that can be done like with .Net VB.


      Thanks for any kind of guide...