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    Freeze Frame Not Appearing: user error or bug?

    dorich24 Level 1

      Symptom:  Some FF's inserted into movie do not appear when the movie is played, although they are in the time line.



      I found that if I take a point in the middle of a clip and create a FF by clicking on the camera icon in the monitor the resulting still appears not to work correctly. Typical symptoms:

      • Does not appear in the video when played until the end of the video is reached, then there is a 10 - 20 sec delay and finally the still image appears. This is solved by rendering but as noted below this cannot be the solution.
      • Editing is like working with molasses. Every action is at least 5 secs behind the mouse click. It becomes impossible to work because you have render after every change.


      However, taking a FF from the beginning of a clip works perfectly, the problems noted above do not appear. The FF does not need rendering to make it workable. Editing speed is normal.

      My current workaround is to trim the clip to the point where I want to take the FF so that I'm taking it from the beginning. Or split the clip so that the frame I want appears at the beginning of the clip.


      The documentation suggests that the user should be able to take a FF from any point in a clip and insert it in the movie, which would suggest that this may be a bug



      is there something I'm missing in how to create FFs  ?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Much depends on the type of camcorder your video came from and the project settings you selected when you set up your project as well as the speed of your processor, how much RAM you have, how much free, defragmented space is on your C drive, if you're using a second hard drive for your video and what operating system you're using.


          But in my workflow, I've never experienced the problems you're describing.

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            dorich24 Level 1

            @ Steve Grisetti


            Thanks for your response.


            This could be a system problem, its unclear - at least to me.

            I found that the problem appears to be solved if I quit PrE and then reopen it.


            I encountered a similar problem with audio.

            Created a narration in GarageBand, exported as aif, then mp3. Importing either file into PrE resulted in audio that played back as though it were playing at half speed. Rendering and/or Saving didn't solve the problem. However, when I quit the app and restarted the audio played back as expected.


            I say this is similar because it has the appearance of the system not being able to keep up with the necessary processing but the process of quitting and restarting solves the problem in both cases.


            System Information

            OS 10.5.8

            PrE 9.0.1

            Running on iMac 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo with 4GB of ram

            Content is stored in external hard drive - 1 TB connected via Firewire

            Application runs on internal drive.


            The video content consists of screen capture (using Voila and exported as quicktime), freeze frames from the screen capture and jpg images.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Content is stored in external hard drive - 1 TB connected via Firewire


              So long as the external is 7200 RPM, FW-400 should be fine, as its throughput should be able to keep up with the system. USB, and all bets would be off. Though I now use FW-800's, before those were available, I used 7200 RPM FW-400's and had zero issues.


              One thing that you might consider, regarding those MP3's is to Export/Save from Garage Band, or other apps., as PCM/WAV's instead. Many have encountered all sorts of issues with MP3's, and in their cases, converting to PCM/WAV has been 100% at fixing those issues. As you have control over the production, maybe check into not using MP3, which is also heavily-compressed.


              Good luck,



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                dorich24 Level 1

                @ Bill Hunt.


                Thanks Bill.


                I'll give wav a try.