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    Sync Problem with Blu Ray

    jon gallo

      I have a sync problem when using Premiere Pro CS5 to burn Blu Ray DVDs and wondered if anyone has had similar problems and has found a simple solution. 


      Equipment:  Panasonic HMC-150 (AVCHD), shot at 59.94 fps, 720.  MacPro with operating system up to date, quad core, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 4000. PP CS5 also has all current updates downloaded.


      When the AVCHD files are imported, they tend to be out of sync by 8 to 22 frames.  I manually resync and edit.  Then burn a Blu Ray DVD using Encore and end up out of sync again.  I must be doing something wrong but can't figure it out.  At this point, the only solution I can think of is to try to figure out how far out of sync I am once the DVD is burned and offset the audio that amount before transcoding.


      Has anyone encountered this problem before?  Any suggestions? 



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          emin3m33 Level 1

          omg! i thought i was the only one.. THIS just happened to me too! I was doing a wedding with 3 fricken Cameras and guess what? I synced up 3 whole hours worth of footage wit 3 different cameras..a day or two later, it somehow went out of sync. This happened to me twice in the past few days on the same project. I had to spend hours re-syncing them. Its only a few frames but its still a big mess. I thought maybe it's just me accidently pressing some wrong buttons but no. I was real careful and the sync somehow gets out of sync on hd footage. Never had this happen to me with sd. This is deff a bug.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Have you installed the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.3) update? The recent updates include some fixes for audio/video synchronization issues. One of those fixes requires that input files be re-indexed, which requires deleting the existing index files from the media cache.

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              emin3m33 Level 1

              yes i did and 4 months ago isnt really a recent update!

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                jon gallo Level 1

                I have done some more tests and have determined that the problem only exists with Blu-ray.  When I burn a non blu-ray dvd, video and audio remain in sync. I attempted to export to Final Cut Pro 7 using the export xml feature, but it doesn't work.  I brought the original footage into FCP and burned a portion of it to blu-ray using the Share feature and there was no sync problem.  So I guess my only alternative at this point is to re-edit the entire video in FCP.


                In Premiere Pro I've checked to make sure that both the camera and the intake were set for no drop frame and they were.  I've tried double checking the audio sync using the audio line out from the Mac rather than the firewire out to the Mackie Mixer, just in case there was a latency problem, which didn't seem logical and there wasn't any difference.  It can't be a problem with the blu-ray burner since it works in FCP7.  I'm running out of ideas of things I can tweak in Premiere, other than guessing just how far out of sync the program pushes the audio and then unlinking audio and pushing it the same number of frames the other direction before burning the blu-ray, but that will be hit and miss and it will start getting expensive throwing away blu-ray disks. 


                Any other ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Jon

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  If you take the FireWire audio out of the chain, exactly how (using what equipment) are things hooked up?

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                    jon gallo Level 1

                    I input using a usb2 card reader attached to the Mac.  With the mixer out of the chain, I monitor through the earphone jack on the speakers attached to the line out of the Mac.  The only other device in the chain is an external Panasonic blu-ray burner attached to the Mac by a one meter firewire 800 cable. .

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8



                      Earphone jack on the speakers connected to the line out of the Mac?  That doesn't seem right.  Earphone jacks are generally outputs, not inputs.  And they operate at a drastically different voltage than line level.  You can do some serious damage to equipment hooking up that way.


                      If you really have the line out of your Mac hooked up to an earphone connection on the speaker, it's not correct.  You should have the line out of the Mac connected to the line input on the speakers.

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                        jon gallo Level 1

                        Sorry I wasn't specific enough. The headphones are plugged into the head phone out jack of the speakers.  The line input of the speakers is plugged into the line output of the Mac, just as you said.  The out of sync problem exists only for Premiere Pro and only for blu-ray.  I can burn a regular dvd in proper sync in PP CS5 using either Encore or just saving the Premiere Pro file and using Toast to burn the dvd.  When I ingest the AVCHD footage into Final Cut Pro 7 and transcode to Apple Proress 422, I can burn an in synch blu ray from FCP7.  My thought is to import the data from one of the out of synch blu ray dvds into FCP7, resych and output again.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8



                          So you transfer the entire BPAV folder from the card to the hard drive.  You use Media Browser to import the desired AVCHD files.  You create an appropriate timeline, add a clip to it, and hit space bar.


                          Playback of that clip is now out of sync using the directly connected speakers?