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    Premiere Pro crashes macpro when setting in point


      Premiere Pro keeps repeatedly crashing my mac pro when setting an in point while watching clips in the source monitor. Here's what I can tell you about the issue…


      When it crashes its not just premiere that crashes, I see the mac equivalent of the blue screen of death, you know that annoying grey screen that slowly comes down from the top of your display and says you must restart your computer. but sometimes I don't even get that, the display will just turn a weird striped pattern of grey bars, or just go black.


      brand new mac pro


      2.8 GHz Quad core intel xeon

      3gb ram

      OS and applications installed on 120GB SSD

      *(the SSD doesn't fit in a normal drive bay and I didn't buy an adapter so it was installed in my empty DVD drive bay, don't know if that would matter or not)

      Other storage: 1TB interal, 6TB external Raid


      The problem occurs no matter which drive the video files are stored on


      Adobe CS5 Premiere v.5.0.3


      Adobe and Apple software updates are current




      My footage is from a panasonic HMC150, tapeless record to SD card in AVCHD format.


      I've done a lot of research on the avchd format and found that a ton of people have had issues editing these file types so I tried a few of the suggested tricks.


      Clipwrap didn't work for me, after wrapping into a .mov the files would show a green or grey bar  at the top third leaving the new files useless.


      I downloaded the trial of NeoScene to transcode the files. I tried several times and everytime i hit export regardless of how many files in the queue or what the transcode settings are it did literally nothing. It sat there with the grey circle spinning next the the file(s) in the queue. Sometimes I waited up to a half hour with no progress. I mean literally none the files never got to 0% completed it never got past its waiting phase….


      Finally I tried Adobe Media Encoder. To start I just took a clip and transcoded w 4 diff settings


      QT: DVCPRO HD 1080p30

      QT: DVCPRO HD 1080i60


      MPEG2 1080p30

      MPEG2 1080i


      They all worked and look good so I was pleased (although at this point i didn't try to set an in point w these files, later i tried and these files crashed the comp again) I then transcoded all of my footage into the QT 1080p30 format. I came back to it overnight and as soon I got premiere up and running I set an in point and boom! grey screen of death on the mac.


      I think I've included everything that I could any suggestions would be more than appreciated…


      I'm going to keep trying other things, I'll post as I learn more...


      Thanks and Happy March Madness,


      GO GREEN!