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    Flash Pro CS5 messing upp my -app.xml


      2 days now, it is messing up my -app.xml file.


      Im targeting AIR 2.5 where versioNumber tag is ment to be used,

      but FP ALWAYS adds by itself version tag as well, and the complaining about illegal attributes in XML

      descriptor file. Then i have to manually remove <version> tag and i can not compile my app as AIR.


      What im trying to do is to target Playbook.

      For some reason my apps are now aligned center-center on PB simulator and not TL (as spoken in Flash terms).

      I think (belive) that "aligning" problem has to do something with entire project being messed up or using wrong

      settings. And targeting 2.0 doent work since PlayBook need 2.5 namespace in descriptor...


      what is this "bug" or what the heck am i doing wrong ?