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    Zuma game algorithm

    hwa-jun yu Level 1
      I have an assignment to make a game pretty similar to Zuma. But I don't have any idea of the basics of the game.
      Can anyone help, telling me the game logic?
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          I can't help you with the programming aspects of the game, but having played it I can tell you the basics of how it works. It's a target shoot game with a central cannon (in the shape of a frog sculpture) which pivots in place to follow the mouse. You're given two choices of ball colors to shoot at a moving line of colored balls. The line of balls is heading toward an exit point and you have to eliminate them before they get there. Shoot first ball in the frog (left mouse button) at the line of balls to group three or more together to eliminate that group of balls. Right mouse button switches ball colors in the frog.

          Hope that helps a little
          Shadowhawk's serenity