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    Preloader is ruining my project... need something simple and easy, please.


      I have tried for weeks now to find  a simple way to add my logo and maybe text that says "now loading -  please wait, etc" to the preloader, however, I have yet to find a SIMPLE way to do this.  Every tutorial I have found shows how to add actionscript, or a moving  progress bar with percentages, etc. These tutorials are not for  designers, nor are they simple for beginers. If it truly is that  difficult to add a simple logo (image) and maybe text to the default  flex preloading screen (doesnt have to have the progess bar), I do not  see the benefit to Catalyst/Flash Builder for designers who care about the "first  appearance" of their project.


      PLEASE, if anyone can walk  me through the simple way of adding an image, video, text, or whatever  to the loading screen that would be great. As for now I have many hours  of work sitting standby because the loading page and false hope in  catalyst. SURELY there must a solution.


      I REALLY appreciate any help!


      Thanks for listening.