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    Reader X will not open any PDF on LAN, will open PDF on local drive


      At my place of work, we installed Reader X on my local hard drive  after much difficultly with it and AVG Resident Shield. Resdient Shield  was blocking installation and running of of Reader X. Reader X now  starts up without difficulty.


      The issue now is that  Reader will not open a PDF file located on our LAN (local area  network).  I have thousands of PDF files on our company servers which my  PC is connected to via Ethernet cable.  If I use Windows Explorer to  copy any of those PDF files to my local drive (desktop, et cetera),  Reader X will open those local PDF files without any issue.  I have  attempted this with many PDF files located on different drives, created  years ago, or created just today, et cetera.


      The Reader error popup window I recieve when attempting to open any PDF file on our LAN is:

      "There was an error opening this document.  Access denied."


      Any suggestions?