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    How to Create BluRay PopUp Menu for changing audio track

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      Hi, I've build a Blu-Ray with  Encore CS5 with several videoclips and menus. One clip has 4 audio  tracks and 2 subtitle tracks with different languages. Now I want to add  a pop up Menu to this clip, where I can change the audio track and/or  the subtitle track while the movie is playing.

      I've created 2  Pop-Up Menu with severeal pages e.g. for directing to the bonus material  right from the running clip. No problem. I also can create a pop up  Menu with buttons for the different languages to change audio channel.  But evertytime a language button is pressed, the languages changes but  the movie starts playing this clip from the beginning. The language does  not change at that point of running movie. I think this concernes to  the target I linked to the buttons. The button e.g. for "French" is  linked to "Chapter 1 of this clip" with audio Track 2 (which is French),  so of course it plays the movie from chapter one in French. But I  cannot find another possibility to link another target, that only  concernes to the audio track. So what can I do  to change audio track  with a Pop up Menu while movie is running at the point where I am  without stop. Exact the same with the subtitles. Thanks.