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    How do you use String Substitution?




      I've been working with two other programmers on an actionscript project in Flash Builder. The problem is that each of us has our own checkout of server code in different locations so we avoid stepping on each other's feet. In actionscript we set a default server code location if one isn't pushed in through the flash vars but the default will end up being the last default committed after a code sync. It is kind of a pain to remember to go and change that location each time so I was wondering if there was some kind of environment variable we could use that would replace the location string on compile.


      Under Flash Builder>Preferences>Run/Debug>String Substitution it appears like you can define values that will be replaced when the code is compiled but defining a variable and assigning it to another string variable doesn't appear to do anything. Is there some syntax I'm missing? Does this only work in a Flex project? Is there another method I could be using?


      Thanks for the help.