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    Spark Group implementing INavigatorContent




      I'd like to use a LinkBar in a Flex 4 application. However, it doesn't allow Group as a child, only SkinnableContainer, BorderContainer, NavigatorContent (because they implement INavigatorContent).


      I'm intending to use Group as container to make my application more lightweight - I'm new to Flex4 but I've ever listened about the heavy of SkinnableContainers. (Does it make sense??). So, I decided to implement INavigatorContent in a Group component, in this way I could use it as a LinkBar's child.


      Although, I didn't know how to implement the createDeferredContent method. It's like above in the SkinnableContainer component:


      public function createDeferredContent():void
                  if (!mxmlContentCreated)
                      mxmlContentCreated = true;
                      if (_mxmlContentFactory)
                          var deferredContent:Object = _mxmlContentFactory.getInstance();
                          mxmlContent = deferredContent as Array;
                          _deferredContentCreated = true;
                          dispatchEvent(new FlexEvent(FlexEvent.CONTENT_CREATION_COMPLETE));


      But, group doesn't have mxmlContentFactory neither mxmlContentCreated. How can I implement it?