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    Dynamic Link with PP/After Effects CS5 question

    sciulli999 Level 1

      So, first time using After Effects ever. Absolutely loving it, can't wait to really learn this program.


      Anyways, my situation.


      I have a 15 second commercial I'm editing with Premiere Pro CS5 on my MacBook Pro. The second to last shot, I initially right clicked the clip in the timeline and selected "Replace With After Effects Composition." I did some motion graphics on this shot, and I'm pretty sure when I was done, I rendered the timeline in PP which synced back into PP what I did in AE. I believe at that time I closed AE completely without saving the composition.


      Now I still have this shot in my PP timeline and it still has the AE effects I added, but I do not believe there is any saved AE file that references that composition. Whenever I click "Replace With After Effects" it just opens a new linked composition, but instead of any footage and animation, there is just a big color bar screen.


      Is there any way to still edit this composition in AE? What is the proper way to save files linked between PP/AE so you can completely close both programs and open them later and still edit the composition?