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    Can't print from new Reader X...help!


      I just downloaded Reader X.  I got a .pdf ready to print, up comes the printer dialog.  Click "PRINT".  Printer is showing green lights all around.  Window pops up to show me that it's printing to my printer.  But the printer doesn't even wake up.  Nothing.

      Restarted the computer.  Nothing.

      Printed word docs just fine.

      I tried printing it as a google doc, which creates a .pdf.  Nothing.

      Downloaded the document again, and saved it under a different name.  Nothing.

      Uninstalled/reinstalled Reader X.

      Still won't print.


      I emailed the document to my wife, on our network.  She has Reader 8, and the document printed just fine, so I know it's not the printer, or the printer connection.  There must be some incompatibility with Reader X and my system (XP), or the printer (Brother HL5340).

      Can I get an earlier version of Reader back?


      I appreciate your thoughts on this!  Thanks in advance!