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    help me ...premiere pro cs5 and GTX 470

    trident_b Level 1

      i  built a new system  for my  up coming project .


      system spec


      i7 950

      ram 24 gigs


      2 asus ML248 monitors


      win 7 pro on it


      Note : i don have any I/O CARDS on it

      since i don need it



      the issue is  i wanna use one of the asus  monitor as a time line  preview

      so i got connected one monitor with DVI  and the  2nd monitor  via  a HDMI

      in premiere i don see any  play back  setting to chose to sign the gtx470

      but  i got 2 monitors  on  its just sending the desktop out to  the both


      i couldn't isolate one monitor to just  play   the timeline out


      is that impossible in this card ?


      help me out pl !