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    Fetching data from another PDF


      I am planning on creating a new set of form using acrobat pro 9, and I want it to be able auto fetch data from another PDF form and populate it onto my form.  The program I am using is a company program that is very restrictive. It is pretty much a data entry program. But in the end result it either prints your forms, or you can save it in PDF format only. I essentially want to grab that information from the saved PDF onto my form by just saving that PDF into the same folder as MY PDF form. Thanks in advance.

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          maxwyss Level 4

          This can be accomplished.


          You can either pull or push the data.


          Pulling the data means that you open the target form and pull in the data from the source form (have a look at the openDoc() method).


          Pushing the data means that you open the target form from the already open source form, and copy the according field values into the target form.


          In either case, you will have to understand the Doc object, and then it becomes quite straightforward. It would also be helpful to harmonize the field names in either form.




          Max Wyss.