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    How can I send data from Flex to a desired location in server using POST method?


      I am using Flex web application ,not for AIR application.I am working on tshirt project.here I can make an image snpashot and that can be saved in desktop by browsing.But How can I send a desired loaction in server.


      Here is the link:




      And here you can see that if you click on Add toCart button then image snpashot will be created, but in my desktop.Here I have posted some code here.

      public function saveChart():void



      image= ImageSnapshot.captureImage(details, 800, new PNGEncoder());


      file.save(image.data, "customshirt.png");




      Here I want to send image from flex to any desired location. saveChart() will be called by clicking AddtoCart button.

      Plz can anyone help me..Its very urgent.......