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    ADE crashes when connecting to Hanvon N518



      I have a Hanvon N518 ebook reader which is on the latest Hanvon firmware, and is, allegedly, compatible with ADE; but a minute or two after connecting to PC it causes ADE to crash.


      Has been replicated under Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1


      Anyone else seen this?


      Hanvon firmware 0.96, software 1.001.




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          I checked the Supported Devices, and your Hanvon N518 is listed.  It shows

          as a 'tethered' device, and I don't know what that means exactly.


          I'd suggest you determine whether there is any new or upgraded software for

          your device.  Go their website and see if there is an upgrade to your

          current Hanvon software, or if there are any known issues with connecting to

          ADE.  You can do the same also with your ADE software.  I looked at the

          Forum, but I didn't see anything out there except your post in my casual



          Hope this helps!