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    Exiting PP closes but, program still running, danger Will Robinson

    D3S user

      This was an issue on the demo version of Production Pro which expired and since then I've loaded Master Suite demo to continue until my hard copy of Production Pro arrives.


      The issue is that initially, I was unaware of the program not closing down in backgorund and after a few in and out episodes would get a hard boot safety shut down because resources were maxed and the CPU was getting to critical mass heat, shutting off abrubtly.


      I reported it to Adobe in the sky and just wondered of anyone else has had this happen? Or could point to what is causing the ghosting allocation to stay active?


      It went on for a couple of weeks and was not the best Mojo for the two SATA drives but we eventually isolated why the laptop was overheating.


      The new demo is doing the same thing so I hit control alt delete to close the background manually after exiting the program normally.


      The machine:W7P,  i7, 500 GB 5400 SATA, 2TB eSATA 7200, below the Mercury minimum 749 with an 500mbs GeForce, 380M.


      I hope the hard copy will overcome this but forwarned is forebearance.


      Some ultra bug no doubt that will be sorted out down the line.


      Thanks in advance for any noodeling,