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    Downloading files via HTTPS


      I have a download PDF process that works fine through HTTP but fails under HTTPS - any clues as to resolving this issue ?

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          If I remember correctly (you may want to check yourself), an swf served over an unencrypted connection can only access unencrypted content.  And a swf served over encryption can only access secure content.  Is your swf being served from an https address ?

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            flexstone Level 1

            Yes the request is made to and from the https URL. There are 2 methods of downloading PDF - one is downloading of a static PDF and that works fine, the other generates a PDF, returns the URL to that new PDF and then initiates the download process and it fails. The eventListener for the download progress immediately hits the Max of the progressBar but the file is not downloaded.


            As I said before both methods work fine locally with the debugger but once live on the server the one method fails....