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    PDF's won't print

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      I have a user who cannot print PDF's to a HP 4520 color laserjet printer.  The user can print anything else (docs, spreatsheets, text files, pictures, etc) to the printer, but not PDF's.  The user has XP with all the latest upgrades and Acrobat Pro V8.  Anyone else can print PDF's to the printer.  The user can also print to another printer, just not this one.  Acrobat has been uninstalled, the registry cleaned and reinstalled with the latest updates as has the printer.  Logging onto the PC as administrator instead of the user has the same results.  The print spooler is running.  It appears as if Acrobat is not sending the PDF to the print spooler.  It makes no difference if the PDF is self created or one generated by someone else, they just won't print.  I have been through the trouble shooting sheet presented by Adobe, but no help.  The "chat" also has been no help, and was thoroughly discusted with one of the agents when asking for assitance and was just dropped when he asked if there was anything else he could help with and I told him he had not given me any information that would help.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

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          Maybe the file name assigned to a pdf is not compatible with your  printer's memory. Example, if the file name includes brackets [ ] { } or other  punctuation, or is very long, the printer won't recognize it.  One print  job that stalls will hold up the entire print queue, so  delete your job from the queue.

          First, look at the file name  displayed in the print server's list of print jobs.  The same file name  also appears in the top blue bar of your Acrobat pdf  display.  Are there brackets, per cent signs, or other punctuation marks  in the file name?

          This file name works:




          These would not work:


          ti50000[1]  because of the brackets
          sarif00099659%47%000%%000%0000  because of the length and  the percent signs


          You can rename the  file by saving the pdf to your desktop. Click on the Acrobat toolbar  icon for Save (a picture of a floppy ) and rename  the file.  You can use any name - the author's last name, for example -  as long as you don't  include punctuation or too  many characters. Now send this file to the printer.



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            comrhj Level 1

            Thanks for the info.  However, none of the PDF's have extraneous characters in the file name, none are over 8 character long (no spaces, etc).  I created a Word document that had nothing more than "this is a test", created a PDF called "test" and it would not print.  Made no difference if they had color pages in the PDF, or they were striclty black and white documents - NO pdf's would print to this printer.

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              Res.Luethi Level 1

              Which version exactly of ADOBE Acrobat Pro is installed?

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                comrhj Level 1

                Per the original posting, it is Acrobat Pro V8.

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                  Well, sorry, I was mistaken.  I had originally reported Acrobat V8, but now I see it is V9.4.2.  Sorry for the screw up.

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                    Res.Luethi Level 1

                    In this case, http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/891/cpsid_89178.html will solve your problems!