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    Creating app for Adobe Connect 8

    DHMerritt Level 1

      I am in the process of creating a Flashbuilder application that will log onto Adobe Connect 8 and draw a whole lot of info off of the server.


      I am able to log onto Adobe Connect from my application.


      Now I would like to have some text that says "Welcome Dimitri Merritt" (obviously whatever the users name is). If I have read the documentation correctly I should be able to us x-user-id. I have tried this but without luck. Can somebody please help me out?



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          DHMerritt Level 1

          Ok I figured this one out with help form Kapil (thanks Kapil).



          Here are a few lines of code that is needed:

          <s:HTTPService id="myPersonalInfo" fault="faultHandler(event) resultFormat="e4x" result"personalInfo(event)"/>


          Then create a function e.g.


          private function requestPersonalInfo():void{

          domainUrl="your url.com";








          private funtion personalInfo(event:ResultEvent):void{


          Username.text="Welcome" + personalName;



          Thats it.