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    Automating the filename prefix in Layer Comps to files...

    dudleypipe Level 1

      Hi All


      I'm hoping someone can help me with some automation. I have no real clue about scripting, I just know that clever things can be done, hopefully someone could point me in the right direction!


      I'm superimposing some t-shirt designs onto images of blank t-shirts.

      Each different colour T-shirt (15 colours) is on an individual layer, so I have 15 layers.


      So to create 15 images of a given t-shirt design (one image for each colour shirt) I need to:


      1) Import a design onto the top layer

      2) Update all 15 layer comps

      3) Hit the 'Layer Comps to Files' button

      4) Put a unique identifier into the filename prefix field

      5) Go to 1)


      So I guess my question is this:


      Can I automate any more of this? For example can I have the filename prefix pulled in from the Layer name? So I'd just name the top layer (with the design on) and PS would pull that layer name into the filename prefix field?

      And can I update all those layer comps automatically (when I put the next design on) rather than selecting each one and updating manually?


      Any help appreciated from a scripting novice!


      Kind Regards