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    Problems with mp3 stream - please help!

    SolitonMan Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to create a simple animation with a voiceover in Flash CS5.  The imported MP3 is a 44 kHz 16 bit mono file that sounds fine.  I've added it to my movie clip and when I use the Control->Play option it sounds just as I'd expect.


      However, when I publish my movie clip, the sound becomes "echo-y", as if it were a stereo instead of mono sound.  The publish settings specify mono sound, the file is mono sound.  I've tried using the export options in the properties page for the sound to export as MP3 with the same settings as the original file.  Yet no matter what I do I cannot get the sound file to play the same in my clip as it does in the IDE, or just solo.


      If anyone can help with this I'd really appreciate it, the animation I'm working on is part of an online course, and all the other slides in the course have the clean sound of the original MP3.  It's pretty jarring to suddenly hear a voice as if it's in an echo chamber.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.