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    I can haz fade-in, all the time, not sometimes 2x fade-out?

    cachefinder Level 1

      I made this slide-show as a trial:


      I as not too efficient at my lay-out, not knowing exactly what I wanted.  I know there are better ways to do this, but there it is.


      All thumbs are buttons, there are no 'states'.  I did each edit in a round, for example first adding the roll-over, then later doing the transitions.  When I got to the transitions:

      If one looks closely one will see that many photos do not properly fade-in.  There was not an option for these images!  Many had TWO fade-outs.  If I delete the offending photo, and re-import, I can do a fade-in.  However this is very annoying!  I am confused about why there is what appears to be an unintended effect.


      I was being careful about which transition I might touch, but honestly they are all buttons, so there is simply an over state (and 'down', similarly, copypastaed) defined.


      Any thoughts?