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    Where's my a


      I am evaluating CS5 After Effects for my company. We don't do a lot  of heavy lifting with audio but we do have occassion to blur out faces,  logos, etc. I have been successful in importing a MP4 video, blurring  out certain areas of the video and redering to a new file. My problem is  that somewhere in the process I lose the audio portion. When I first  import a file, I see an icon representing the file in the Project pane.  The icon has a wave form on the bottom which I assume indicates the  audio. I also see audio data, "44.100 kHz/ 32 bit U / Stereo," so I'm  fairly sure AE is detecting the audio.


      When I drag the  icon to the Composition pane, the wave form at the bottom of the icon  disappears as does the audio data. When I expand the track pane (sorry  if I don't get the terminology right) there is a waveform that looks  like it accurately reflects the audio in the original file. I set the  audio level to +12.0 dB but after rendering, the new file has no audio,  nor is there audio in the preview.


      AE looks like it  does exactly what we need it do to but it won't be usable if I can't  figure out the problem with audio. Any suggestions or ideas? TIA.