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    banner + clickTag + swfLoader in as3


      Hi all

      i'm trying to load an external swf with clickTag parameter and having some diffecolts


      my swf that load the external is looks like this (base)



      var swfLoader:Loader = new Loader();



      var externalFullPath:String = '300-250.swf'

      var swfURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest(externalFullPath);

      swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadProdComplete);



      function loadProdComplete(e:Event):void {




      function direct():void{


      if (root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag.substr(0,5) == "http:" || root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag.substr(0, 6) == 'https:') {

      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag),root.loaderInfo.parameters.TargetAS);






      its load the external swf fine.. 


      at the external swf as it completed i set the main swf to be "base" -  e.target.content.setBase(this) -


      public function setBase(_base:MovieClip):void {

      base = _base



      and this function is setting the base to a new movie clip


      and then i can call it when ever like this "base.direct()" it seams like it calls the function, i see the trace but the clickTag is not working

      but if i calling the same function - "direct()" - from the main swf its working


      any idies how i can do it right and to get the clickTag by clicking on the external swf


      thaks in advanced