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    why does my app hate me?

    calmchess333 Level 1
      I've got a .fla wich works perfectly however if i attempt to copy and paste the exact code and stage objects into a fresh .fla it doesn't work at all.....am i hallucinating or is this a known flash issue?I'm losing my mind ...i should have stuck to php but now i'm hooked on flash...well anyway hopefully somebody can clear this problem up for me.
        • 1. why does my app hate me?
          jonnybennett Level 1
          I can say that I have experienced the same problem before, when there was no apparent reason for the pasted stuff not to work. In the end I think I just saved another copy of the original. Deleted everything, and then repasted the bits that I wanted. For some reason this worked.
          Another time I had a similar problem was becuase I was trying to paste two lots of the same component. But that wasn't starting a fresh like you want to, so that can't be the problem.
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            Normally, if EVERYTHING is moved properly it should work. I've done it often. But, there are many reasons why it can go wrong. So many that it doesn't worth trying to find out what's going wrong in most cases.

            Just do a save as as Jonny suggested.

            Also, applications don't have emotions but you do thus, the title of your post should read: Why do I hate my app?

            And the answer would be: Because you don't understand it. Get to know it better. It makes a world of a difference. I know, I've been there like the rest of us :o)