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    Another bug in Flex? (Application.parameters and query strings)

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      I'm passing in two query string parameters in the source of SWFLoader and both of them are clumped together in the first parameter by application.parameters.

      But I switch the order of the parameters in the query string and both parameters are returned correctly:


      Case #1:

      Query String:  ?cfg=zzzzzzz54B&embed_div=x

      parameters.cfg: zzzzzzz54B&embed_div=x

      parameters.embed_div:  [nothing]


      Case #2:

      Query String:  ?embed_div=x&cfg=zzzzzzz54B

      parameters.cfg: zzzzzzz54B

      parameters.embed_div: x



      Here is the actual debug commands:




      And output:


      (Case #1)

      [INFO]: file:///C:/Program%20Files/WordRad234/chm/wordrad_kt/web%20pages/zzzzzzz5/rad_3xf.swf?cfg =zzzzzzz54B%26embed_div%3Dx (String)

      [INFO]: zzzzzzz54B&embed_div=x (String)

      [INFO]: (Object)


      (Case #2)

      [INFO]: file:///C:/Program%20Files/WordRad234/chm/wordrad_kt/web%20pages/zzzzzzz5/rad_3xf.swf?emb ed_div=x&cfg=zzzzzzz54B (String)
      [INFO]: zzzzzzz54B (String)
      [INFO]: x (String)



      Something I just noticed: the equal sign after embed_div is replaced by %3D but only if embed_div comes last.

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          It was something I was doing  to the source of SWFLoader beforehand (involving encodeURIComponent).



          I have to say, I have many, many times thought something was a bug in Flex and it was in fact my code.  In general, I think Flex/AS3 is an elegant and useful product.  The sort of ad hoc  tweaks that have to be done to avoid memory leaks though is ridiculous (though I do have that figured out pretty much as well.)