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    Few questions, beginner

    ainsoph4 Level 1

      So, I finally got around to building my site with FC last night. Everything has been going pretty smoothly. Having used Site Grinder before, made it pretty easy to adapt, even with knowing next to nothing about Flash. However, I've ran into a problem that for the last 6 hours or so has just has me stumped. I feel like I've  tried everything, so coming here is a last resort. Basically, what I'm trying to do is build a design portfolio. Each page(state) will be an image, with different images scaling verticall.y The problem with that, is actually having multiple scrollbars. For some reason I just can't wrap my head around it. Having one for each pages of graphics, if that makes sense. Or would I use the same one somehow? You can't copy and paste them from the layers folder, and I can't seem to drag and drop from PS.


      Problem number two is a continuation of the first. I can't seem to make a scrollable area without it being text? I want a vertical row of images to scroll, and to be cut off at a certain point on the page. But for the life of me I can not figure it out. I've watched videos, but they seem to skip that part. Maybe I'm just stupid. I run the site and the images are seen in the background going all the way down the page.  Also, when selecting items for the data list, do you select the scroll bar as well?


      I think that's it, I'm sorry if I sound like I want you to teach me Catalyst. But it's driving me crazy. Thanks!