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    Adobe RIA 101 , episode 22 Problem translating to my project. HELP




      I'm New to all this Flex stuff. And I'm  trying to get around a problem related to my website's image Gallery.

      To ease myself into the problem of not knowing code, I decided to make my website in  flash catalyst. All was going well.

      Then I discovered that I  needed to connect a xml file to my datalist aka thumbnails. I'm using  the Adobe TV tutorial called RIA 101.

      Here is the link: http://tv.adobe.com/show/rich-internet-applications-101


      I made the code changes in flash builder, I made my thumbnails  work and the name of each one of them.


      The problem resides in  the binding of the individual thumbnails and the large photos.

      In the tutorial is added a declaration for the replacement of the large  photos. I did that.


      Now it is needed to change:


      protected function list_changeHandler():void





      With the folowing code:


      protected function list_changeHandler():void


      fRimage_type=list1.selectedItem  as FRimage_type;



      In MY version of the gallery i changed the code to:


      protected function list_changeHandler():void


      ILimage_type=list1.selectedItem  as ILimage_type;



      But, I get the following  error! :


      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type valueObjects:ILimage_type to an unrelated type Class. - Main.mxml -  /Ramos_website/src - line 117 Flex Problem

      1118:  Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly  unrelated type valueObjects:ILimage_type. - Main.mxml - /Ramos_website/src line 117 Flex Problem

      The line 117 is the line that i changed.


      My  imagens and de xml are not in  the asset's folder like in the tutorial, thei are inside a folder that is  inside the assets folder.  could that be the problem?

      Please help, I'm lost  in all this code stuff, and I really need this to start to work.


      Sorry about my English.

      Peace and Love to you All