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    How many RAID 0's can I support?

    Adamousman Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got an ASUS Sabertooth MB, Core i7 950, 12gb Tri Channel 1600 mhz ram, 850 watt corsair power supply,a nd GTX 470.


      My boot drive is a 300gb Velociraptor, and I have 2 Samsung 1 TB in a RAID 0.


      Question:  Can my setup support another RAID 0?  I only ask cause I can get 2 Western Digital 500 gb drives for $50 each and I think it would compliment my system nicely.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          Crist OC/PC Level 2

          Sure. no problem you can Also mare 1 more Raid0 3x Western Digital 500 gb you will gain as well reading and writing speed.

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            Adamousman Level 1

            Knowing that I don't have a dedicated RAID controller... none of this will be problematic?


            I'm financially on a really tight budget, and the $100 alone will be a stretch for me.. so I'm gonna stick with the 2 X 640 WD Drives.


            Now it seems all I need is a huge 3TB backup drive and I will be set to go.

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              Adamousman Level 1

              Oh... it looks like I can get two 320gb drives for $25 a piece.  They are receritifed though.. but wouldnt they be perfect for a media render RAID 0?

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                Crist OC/PC Level 2

                I tellyou my config:

                1t caviar black OS, 3x300 w.d. Raptors for proyect and 1tb for backup.


                BASE on the PPBM5 http://ppbm5.com/  even with only 2 x300 w.d. raptors I have the best Disk I/O test for raid0 taking out the SSD and the pc's whiot raid controllers, so I will tell you to get 1 raptor more and use that for proyect disk.


                Trusme I hav try maaaaanyyyyy configuration without raid controlers.





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                  JEShort01 Level 4



                  Your system sounds solid and also pretty balanced to me as described already. Before I would comment where to add a small investment to improve on what you have already, I would like to see your PPBM5 score broken down by category. Have you run PPBM5 yet?


                  Also, in another one of your threads, Cristobal suggested you overclock your 950 to 4 GHz. If you still have your stock cooler, ditch it for something better and overclock you CPU at least some, even if not up to 4.0.


                  If you have not seen my thread on how changes to various PC components impacted my PPBM5 score, check it out to get a feel for how CPU speed, RAM size, and drive setup changed how fast Premiere Pro performed on a single system:



                  You will see that drive improvements past a 2xRAID 0 like you already have were pretty subtle.


                  Harm and Bill preach the importance of a good Premiere Pro system being a sum of all of the parts and that is so true!