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    Existing Bug with anchor tags in TextArea?




      This is a flex 3 question regarding text areas and anchor tags.


      My result set comes into a list of objects.  One of the properties of the object is a long piece of text that comes in with html tags, some with anchor tags.  I have it set up so that when a user clicks on an item in that list, my code grabs the text with the html tags and I set this into a text area, for which I have defined a font style.  If a text has an anchor tag in it, for the next item I click, the font for the text that's displayed becomes totally messed up.  I read somewhere that text areas and anchor tags put together have an existing bug.  Is it?  If not, is there anyone who has encountered this problem and has a solution for it?  If it is an existing bug, does anyone out there know a workaround?


      Thanks in advance,