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    "Find text" has a bug...

    jjjjjbbbbb Level 1

      I am having issues with the "Find text" function

      (Ctrl + F).  When I have 3 ore more PDF files open simultaneously

      the PDF I'm searching freezes and all the m

      enu buttons disapear.  When I press enter to "find next

      " the word I am searching for repeatedly shows up at random places on the

      PDF file, and the view pane is still frozen.


      When I switch to the other PDF files, they are blank.  The only way I can resume is to go to task manager and "End Program" the reopen only one document to search.


      What the heck is wrong with this release of Adobe X?  It's like it was never tested before it was released.

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          Arnav Agarwal

          This could be the case of GDI leaks that we have detected in the Find's code.

          Just wanted to know one thing: Are you scrolling down the PDF file while Find dialog remained open. This would lead to the high GDI count and finally Reader hangs.

          Another thing you can do is check in the task manager while killing Reader the GDI Objects, this would have reach Windows max limit 10K(in case of hang).


          This has been fixed at our end and would be released in Reader 10.1.



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            jjjjjbbbbb Level 1

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            Thank you for that info.  I look forward to 10.1.


            I am not scrolling while the Find dialog is open.  When I have 3 or more PDF documents open, and I open the Find dialog on one of them, the problem happens immediately and I cannot scroll.  I will watch task manager next time this happens.


            Again, thank you for the update.


            - Paul