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    Font size bug- properties panel


      Font sizes do not always display correctly in the properties panel.

      The properties panel for the document on the left claims that the large type is 13pt (see below)



      if i create a new document and create a new text block at 13pt (or copy and paste styles from the left-hand doc into the right-hand doc) the type is MUCH smaller and looks like 13pt type should (see below). Obviously the properties panel is not reporting the correct size for the font on the left. Note that both files are viewed at 100%.


      once this happens, there is no way to reset the font to the correct value. All occurrences must be deleted and reset.


      Has anyone seen this before? Is this bug caused by using the scale tool on text blocks? Or maybe from importing from illustrator? It keeps occurring in various documents but I have not been able to recreate the issue on demand. It makes the properties panel completely unreliable.


      thanks in advance