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    How to disable AdobeResourceSynchronizer?

    Jong C

      Hi. I'm using Acrobat X Pro and I often see a process AdobeResourceSynchronizer consumes 80~90% of CPU power and doesn't finish even after 30 minutes. My question is, is there any way to disable this process? I have already removed AdobeResourceSynchronizer from my login item but it appears again. Also I didn't use any shared review or tracker.


      Thank you for your help in advance.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What Mac OS are you running? How are you determining your CPU consumption?


          I'm running Acrobat X on two Macs. When I look at Activity Monitor on either computer, and select All Processes, I don't even see AdobeResourceSynchronizer listed.

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            Jong C Level 1

            I saw that article but the directories and files look different from mine (The solution is described for Acrobat 8 and I'm using Acrobat X Pro). Especially I can't find RdrENU80SelfHeal.xml file under /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/.


            I have only /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat 10 AMT directory and can't find any similar file like RdrENU80SelfHeal.xml.


            Thank you for your information though.



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              Jong C Level 1

              The version of Mac OS X is 10.6. It looks like the process doesn't run always. When idle, it springs up suddenly. I don't know where I turn this off and how. I used Activity Monitor too to monitor the process.

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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Try Applications>Adobe Reader X>Adobe Reader.app>

                Right Click and Show package contents>Contents>


                Picture 1.png

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                  Jong C Level 1

                  I only have "Adobe Acrobat Pro" (version 10.0.1) and it doesn't look like having the same files as in "Acrobat Reader X"

                  Acrobat Pro Contents.png

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                    AmbooS Adobe Employee

                    Did you check Tracker to see if there are any Reviews or Forms listed? In case there are any, Synchronizer must be synchronizing them, thats why you see AdobeResourceSynchronizer running in Activity Monitor. Removing all items from Tracker will automatically lead to closing of AdobeResourceSynchronizer.Can you share a screenshot of Activity Monitor where you see the high CPU usage of this process and also a screenshot of Tracker (from Acrobat X->Comment pane->Reviews->Tracker)?

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                      Today I got hit by this problem again :


                      Capture d’écran 2011-03-28 à 11.43.47.png


                      By again I mean that I had met this problem first immediately after purchasing and installing Acrobat X Pro, and I thought I had solved it for good by removing AdobeResourceSynchronizer from the Login Items (in System Preferences > Accounts) and setting the Tracker Pref to Never :


                      Capture d’écran 2011-03-28 à 11.59.48.png


                      Today the Tracker Pref is still Never, but for some reason AdobeResourceSynchronizer has been added back to the Login Items (through no action of mine). Removing it solves apparently the problem, but for how long? How to prevent AdobeResourceSynchronizer from ever appearing back again?


                      Just to be sure: there was no proxy activated at the time this occurred.

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                        AmbooS Adobe Employee

                        Can you check Tracker to see if there are any reviews present?

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                          bvoisin Level 1

                          None (no initiated or joined review, no distributed or received form).

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                            AmbooS Adobe Employee

                            Can you check the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/<version>/Collab and send me the Workflows file present here? Send at ambooATadobe.com.

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                              Jong C Level 1

                              Today AdobeResourceSynchronizer has been reactivated again and consumed about 80% of CPU and running for an hour until I killed it. The followings are screenshots and logs I got from Activity Monitor. As you can see in Fig 1, I never used tracker before and thus I have nothing in Tracker.  Also, my Collab directory (/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0/Collab) is empty.


                              I will appreciate any help or advice.





                              screen4.jpg(Fig 1)

                              screen1.jpg (Fig 2)screen2.jpg (Fig 3)screen3.jpg (Fig 4)


                              Texts in Fig 3:


                              /Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro.app/Contents/Support/AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app/Contents/MacOS/AdobeResourceSynchr onizer



                              /Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro.app/Contents/Frameworks/AdobeAXE8SharedExpat.framework/Versions/A/AdobeAXE8SharedExpa t

                              /Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro.app/Contents/Frameworks/AdobeBIB.framework/Versions/A/AdobeBIB

                              /Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro.app/Contents/Frameworks/AcroSQLite.framework/Versions/A/AcroSQLite












                              count=0, state=0



                              count=1, state=0x2

                              /Users/jychoi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0/Synchronizer/Commands

                              /Users/jychoi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0/Synchronizer/metadata/Synchronizer100

                              /Users/jychoi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0/Synchronizer/metadata

                              /Users/jychoi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0/Synchronizer/Notification


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                                I just noticed now the same thing: AdobeResourceSynchronizer churning away taking up 80% of CPU time.  This is after the first reboot on installing the latest version of Acrobat Reader on 10.6.

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                                  AmbooS Adobe Employee

                                  Do you have any other Adobe products installed, other than Adobe Reader? Did you install Reader for first time and noticed high CPU usage on reboot? Did you notice the same before the reboot?

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                                    211232 Level 1

                                    I've got Lightroom, and some of CS5 (Photoshop/Illustrator) installed.  The high CPU usage came after installing the update to 10.0.3, not on the first installation.  I only noticed high CPU usage after the initial reboot; I killed the process, and then rebooted, with no subsequent high CPU usage.  Thanks!

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                                      Phillip M Jones Level 4

                                      I tried both reader and Acrobat X.03 which activity Monitor on. It spiked at 75%  then immediately dropped to .3% and stayed there.  Of course I have 8GB of DDR3 1067 MB memory and am running 64 bit. (using a MacBookPro17" 8Gb RAM 500 GB SATA Hard Drive)

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                                        I'm suffering from the same issue.

                                        I'm on a MacBook Air running CS5 Master and Acrobat X Pro

                                        10.6.7 OSX and running latest software updates.


                                        Haven't touched Reader and there is no finding of the files mentioned in the blog post I read from 2006, or anyones suggestions for that matter.


                                        I noticed my 15 day old computer getting garbage battery life, should be close to 5-6 hours, I was hitting maybe 2. Anyways, after troubleshooting with techs, noticed the high CPU usage of the aforementioned AdobeResou... So it would seem I'm suffering from the same issue and I have manually turned tracking off right after I installed Acrobat a week ago.


                                        Seems to run between 56-79% usage, with peeks at 88%.


                                        Adobe this is a really stupid issue, please provide a fix, or even a bloody patch. Can't Remove the login item and have it stay in hell either.



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                                          Same machine, same OS version, same issue.


                                          ADOBE ARE YOU LISTENING?

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                                            Jong C Level 1

                                            I still have this problem and I really think this is a serious

                                            problem. In one day, I left my laptop alone for a few hours and came

                                            back. I found my laptop was so hot and almost felt like burning

                                            inside. The main reason was AdodeResourceSynchronizer which was

                                            running for hours consuming all CPU powers. There must be a solution

                                            for this!!



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                                              lilrkt Level 1

                                              Ditch Adobe


                                              >> There must be a solution for this!!

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                                                AdobeResourceSucker came back even though it is clearly disabled in my Login Items. Probably Adobe Reader is launching it, since that is the only other Adobe thing I have installed.


                                                Here is how to make sure it will never come back.


                                                In a Terminal window, cd to the correct the correct directory.


                                                $ pwd

                                                /Applications/Adobe Reader.app/Contents/Support


                                                Delete the sucker forever


                                                $ sudo rm -rf AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app



                                                You will be asked for your admin password. If you have never used sudo to do something, this is not a good command to try as your first one, since getting it wrong could cause a lot of pain.


                                                Log out and log back in.


                                                Actually, it will come back next time you do an update of Adobe Reader, so you'll need to do this again then.





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                                                  I deleted adobe reader first time I got the problem with the resource synchronizer.. I cant find or understand your directions I have to put in the terminal window..


                                                  Maybe I should not have deleted adobe reader from the beginning??


                                                  Do I have to reeboot the whole computer to get rid of this?


                                                  I am a newbie on mac and have problems to follow the very complicated steps to get rid of this!!


                                                  Please help!


                                                  My mac is now terrible to work with, or to do anything with because of the adobe resource synchronizer takes up 70-80% of the CPU all the time!

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                                                    1157pm Level 1

                                                    My answer was definitely not intended for newbies.


                                                    A way to do it without Terminal, sudo and rm, all of which are somewhat dangerous and advanced, would be to locate AdobeReader.app using Finder.


                                                    Once you have located it --- in the /Applications folder, usually --- then single-click on it **while holding the control key** and choose "Show Package Contents."


                                                    Then dig around under the Contents directory until you find AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app.


                                                    Once you have found it, drag AdobeResourceSynchronizer.app to the trash.


                                                    I'm not positive this will work --- because Finder may refuse to delete an app that is running, and the whole problem with the resource synchronizer is that it is constantly running. That's why I did it with Terminal --- I was trying to avoid any of Finder's safety features. You could report for others whether doing it with Finder is allowed.


                                                    If it is allowed, then you finish by logging out and log back in. This will guarantee that any process that was running as you is ended. You don't have to do a full reboot.


                                                    If you update or reinstall Adobe Reader, you will have to go through this process again.

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                                                      DCgroen2 Level 1

                                                      Thanks for answer!


                                                      A problem though, when I press ctrl + single click I dont get up the "Show Package Contents." I dont know why I dont get up this as a option, just "copy" "delete", "show folder above" etc..


                                                      I had to install adobe reader again to find the AdobeReader.app...


                                                      Then I have to reeboot or is it any other solution? :/

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                                                        Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        You need to be Ctrl-Clicking (or Right-Click) on the application itself, not the Adobe Reader folder. Done right it should look like this


                                                        Picture 2.png

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                                                          bvoisin Level 1

                                                          The instructions you are attempting to follow involve erasing the AdobeResourceSynchronizer app included inside the Acrobat or Reader app, using for this either the Finder or the Terminal app.


                                                          In my case what worked is different, it is based only on setting preferences. It is for Acrobat X Pro, but I imagine things are identical for Reader X:


                                                          - In System Preferences, select Accounts then your account in the column that appears on the left. Click on the Login Items tab, and make sure AdobeResourceSynchronizer isn't in the list below. If it is, select it then click on the - button below.


                                                          - In Acrobat or Reader, go to the Preferences in the Acrobat or Reader menu. Select Tracker in the column on the left. Make sure that "Automatically Check for New Comments and Form Data" is set to Never.


                                                          That was it for me! AdobeResourceSynchronizer came back once after this, possibly after applying an Acrobat update. So I redid the above, and it never came back (that was about 3 months ago).


                                                          Here is as a screenshot how the Tracker pref looks in my case.


                                                          Hope this works for you.


                                                          Capture d’écran 2011-07-14 à 19.09.38.png

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                                                            Tom in London

                                                            I have been getting this exact same prob since I first installed Photoshop Elements a couple of weeks ago. First, I found all the  log files that begin with AUX in private/var/log/asl/ and trashed them. But I had to force empty the trash to destroy them.


                                                            I also took away the AdobeResourceSynchronizer from my log-in items (I didn't even put it there myself).


                                                            Then I thought I was OK but doing a clone today I discovered that Carbon Copy Cloner was once again cloning THOUSANDS of new Adobe prefs files, all in folders with each folder bearing the date.


                                                            So I trashed them all AGAIN and once again finding AdobeResourceSynchronizer had sneaked back into my log-in items, I trashed that again too.


                                                            Then again I force-emptied the trash.


                                                            And guess what? Two seconds later, AdobeResourceSynchronizer was back in my log-in items and had already created a new folder with about 10 of those prefs files in it.


                                                            WHAT IS UP WITH THIS, ADOBE?


                                                            Now I have located AdobeResourceSynchronizer and completely deleted it from my system. I actually found TWO copies of it !!! 


                                                            The best way to find all this stuff (on a Mac) is not with Spotlight because Spotlight won't go into the  dark. You need EasyFind, which is FREE and which will go everywhere on your drive and will find invisible stuff too. Just be careful what you trash.


                                                            And how to empty the trash when you get that stupid message "cannot empty the trash because XXX is in use? I use Main Menu, which I paid for a while ago and which they want me to pay for AGAIN if I upgrade it. Which I am not going to do. The version I paid for still works on Lion. If you haven't got MainMenu I'm sure there are other ways for forcing the trash to empty.


                                                            Ok let me say this again.


                                                            WHAT IS UP WITH THIS, ADOBE? Why are you installing hidden rogue applications in parts of my system that ordinary use will never reveal until my entire hard drive gets filled up and crashes, without asking me first?

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                                                              Yepp, I'm having the same issue. Thousands of files in private/var/log/asl that takes hours for CCC to clone. However I don't have Elements nor Adobe Reader installed, but Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, a Flash player and Adobe AIR, ...

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                                                                Tom in London Level 1

                                                                That's interesting.


                                                                You say you don't have Elements nor Adobe Reader installed, but Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, a Flash player and Adobe AIR.


                                                                The only application we both had installed is Adobe AIR.


                                                                I suggest you do an EasyFind (see my previous post) search for Adobe AIR and delete everything associated with it.


                                                                Then see if you're still getting all those files. There should always be a few of them because the system needs them, but never more than about 10.


                                                                Apparently Adobe AIR is not essential for anything.


                                                                Please post back here to let me know if this solves the problem.

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                                                                  Snaxalig Level 1

                                                                  I could easily locate Adobe AIR on my drive together with an uninstaller for it. However there are a couple of applications that depends on Adobe AIR, such as Tweetdeck, Eye-Fi Center and of course Adoby Community Help and Adobe Media Player.

                                                                  For the moment I will leave Adobe AIR as is, and instead having Carbon Copy Cloner exclude the private/var/log directory. I realize that the problem itself (something creating all those *?%&* files) still exist, but I only suffer from it during backups/cloning. so I can live with it for a while.

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                                                                    Tom in London Level 1

                                                                    Your choice - but remember that those hundreds of thousands of files are continuing to be created. I don't know how long it might take to completely fill your hard drive but at some point that is what is going to happen.

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                                                                      Snaxalig Level 1

                                                                      I totally agree, Tom. It's annoying that so many files are created on the disk. But it will take many years until they have eaten all my free space. I hope that Adobe will come with a bugfix/upgrade that makes this **** go away. For now, I will not include them in the CCC backup. I'm aware this is not a solution...


                                                                      I will report it as a bug at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


                                                                      [Edit:] It was already filed and closed https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=2938781


                                                                      Message was edited by: Snaxalig

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                                                                        Tom in London Level 1

                                                                        If you're running on battery, this thing is constantly depleting your battery life.  I often run on battery and that's why I needed to get rid of the problem totally.


                                                                        Going back to the top of this thread, the issue may be with AdobeResourceSynchronizer.


                                                                        I have gone through the (very labyrinthine) process of reporting this to Adobe as an issue. Let's hope someone comes back with a solution!

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                                                                          Snaxalig Level 1

                                                                          Yes, I understand your situation. But I don't have that problem. The AdobeResourceSynchronizer doesn't show up in my Activiy Monitor at all. My battery is not drained. I'm still flooded with thousands of tiny files in private/var/log/asl though.

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                                                                            Tom in London Level 1

                                                                            I found AdobeResourceSynchronizer in my log-in items. When I removed it from my log-in items it simply re-created itself. It's still there and I can't get rid of it. But I'm not even sure if that is the cause of the problem.


                                                                            Message was edited by: Tom in London

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                                                                              xg95 Level 1

                                                                              WTF Adobe?!


                                                                              This is lame, lame, lame.


                                                                              Fix this!

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                                                                                Tom in London Level 1

                                                                                xg- is it happening to you too? Can you provide any details?

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                                                                                  xg95 Level 1

                                                                                  Yes, it's happening to me.


                                                                                  I'm on a MBP 15" 2010 i5 model OS 10.6.8.


                                                                                  As per advice in this thread, I opened both Adobe Acrobat Pro (9.4.5) and Acrobat Reader (10.1.0), and disabled any tracked reviews.


                                                                                  Also, I opened the Activity Monitor and quit the "AdobeResourceSynchronizer" process. This process was using over 80% of my CPU power.


                                                                                  My machine had been heating up and the fan was whizzing. The bottom of my laptop was getting so hot it was nearly burning my leg—and this was just with normal use. Once I quit the "AdobeResourceManager" process, the machine cooled down and began to operate normally.


                                                                                  I'm sure this heat buildup is not good for my expensive machine, and so I have gotten into the habit of opening the Activity Monitor every time I turn on the laptop. This is an inconvenient step, and grows my frustration with Adobe with every use of my laptop.


                                                                                  Sometimes the "AdobeResourceManager" begins to run when I turn my laptop on, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I forget to check the Activity Monitor. When the laptop begins to overheat and the fan comes on, I open Activity Monitor and quit "AdobeResourceMaager".


                                                                                  Obviously I'm displeased about this. I'm happy to have discovered the cause of the rapid heat and CPU spike before permanent damage was done. I paid a lot of money for my Adobe software, and even more for the laptop on which to run it. I'm actively investigating alternatives to Adobe software.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: How to disable AdobeResourceSynchronizer?
                                                                                    Tom in London Level 1

                                                                                    I posted a request for help with this, in the Photoshop forum, weeks ago, and there has been no response. Thanks, Adobe.


                                                                                    So it looks like we're going to have to try and troubleshoot this one ourselves.


                                                                                    I see you're stll on 10.6.8 and I'm on OSX 10.7.1 Lion, so we can exclude the possibility that it has anything to do with any particular version of OSX.


                                                                                    It does appear to have something to do with "AdobeResourceSynchronizer" and "AdobeResourceManager".


                                                                                    My problems started when I installed Photoshop Elements. So I deleted everything Adobe and then carefully re-installed the other Adobe things I need: Acrobat Professional and Acrobat Reader, neither of which is giving me any problems.


                                                                                    "AdobeResourceManager" does not exist on my system. There's no "AdobeResourceSynchronizer" either. There are a few things with "Synchronizer" in the filename that are stashed away in system directories that have to do with Acrobat.


                                                                                    One of them is a plist file.


                                                                                    What Adobe applications are installed on your system?

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