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    Adobe Reader X - Print Issues


      Hi - I've searched the forums for a likely answer but came up with a blank.

      We have updated to Adobe Reader X and when we print a pdf, the actual words print as a series of randon numbers and letter. We print to an HP Photosmart All in One Printer. However when we print to a Cannon Printer, it's OK. Can anyone throw light on this for us as it's proving to be a nightmare.


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          I get the exact same behavior on some PDFs (not all) when printing to a HP Deskjet.  I don't have another network printer so can't try that approach.


          This is definitely a bug in Reader X as the PDFs printed fine about a year ago (under Reader 9.x).


          Setting "Print as Image" under Advanced Print options lets me print the PDF correctly but greatly slows down the print speed.


          If this isn't fixed soon, I will very likely "down-grade" to 9.x and/or re-look at non-Adobe PDF readers (FoxIt almost does everything I want - the one big lack is being able to print non-sequential pages from a PDF).

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            cattswood Level 1

            Thanks v much Twilight - once I had posted the question I saw the same issues were posted by another.


            I'll try the print as image under the advanced print tab and see how I get on with that. Hopefully Adobe will bring out a fix soon.


            Thanks again.