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    Files missing in Project Manager pod

    pgcalc Level 1

      Yesterday, I installed RH8 HTML on my new Win 7 computer.  I then copied over from my old Win XP machine all my files related to a specific help project.  When I use Windows Explorer to review a list of all the .htm files I've copied over, they all are there.  However, when I open the project in RH8 on my new computer and view a list of the .htm files that are in a particular folder in the Project Manager pod, some of the .htm files are missing.  Curiously, if I open the TOC for the project and click a topic that references one of the "missing" files, RH8 opens the file and I can edit it in the usual way.  That indicates to me that the file really is where it is supposed to be and RH8 can find it.  Nonetheless, the filename is missing from the Project Manager pod.  What's more, when I want to insert a hyperlink, the filename is missing from the list of .htm files to which I can link.  This is a problem, obviously.


      I should note that RH on my old computer is version and RH on my new computer is  Hard to believe that would be the issue, but thought I should mention it.  Also, the files that are missing have similar names to files that are not.  For example, reportCheckDataMailmerge is missing but reportCheckDataMailmergeSee is not.


      I would be grateful for any suggested fixes.