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    Shaky DVD ex PE7




      I have recently rendered to file a 2 hour (6.6GB) holiday DVD. When looking at the video on my PC it looks fine.


      The file is 6.3GB and I burn't it to a 4.7 GB DVD, reducuing the size to "fit to disk." The quality of the DVD was a little dissapointing because it tended to be somewhat jerky when panning etc. I know this is likely to happen due to camera shake but it was much more noticible on the DVD than when viewed on my PC.


      I thought that things would improve if rerendered without compression and then burn't the file to a 8.5GB, DL, DVD but it didn't. If anything it appeared worse. In the latter case I remember unchecking the "fit to available space box", but I suspect the quality slider may still have remained at the lower setting. I also rendered in a wide screen format - the original footage may have been in 4:3 format.


      Before I have another go, can anyone spot an error here or provide any advice.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          What is your source footage, i.e. which camcorder, make/model, did it come from?


          What was the chosen Project Preset?


          Good luck, and thank you for that info.



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            JamesAB Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            Thanks for your reply, If I haven't changed the project settings since I

            started the DVD some time ago it would be PAL-DV-Widescreen-48kHz (I had

            left this one in abeyance and have done several others since - with no



            My Camcorder is a Sony Handycam DCR-HC-35E.



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              JamesAB Level 1

              I have just checked further, the DVD seems to have been captured in 4:3 DV




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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Jim, you say output it as an 8 gig file and then compressed it to fit on a DVD?


                That may be where things went wrong.


                You were working with miniDV footage in a DV project. That much is right. But then how did you output an 8 gig video file and in what format?


                And then how did you use that file to make a DVD?


                Most "jittery" problems on DVDs come from a field order/interlacing problem at some point in your project. If, for instance, you use an MPEG as source footage in a DV project, the conflicting interlacing order will create a jittery DVD.


                If you can tell us the steps between your finishing the DV project and your burning your DVD, we can probably figure out where things went wrong.

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                  JamesAB Level 1

                  Some of the video files that I have now put together are mpg files, which

                  for storage reasons were a conversion from the original video ex camcorder.

                  If this indeed is the problem then I have got software that will convert mpg

                  to various other formats including DVD and AVI. Presumably I should do this

                  and then use the converted file to remake my DVD. As I wrote in my initial

                  mail, the final DVD was rendered in the PAL w/s format and was rendered to

                  fit a 4.7GB  Disk. I also re-rendered without compression to give a file of

                  some 6.8GB which I burnt to a 8.5GB double layer disk. Both the "final"

                  videos exhibit the shaking.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    So -- are you saying that you did output an MPEG and then use it as source video in a DV project? (It's always easier when you actually do answer our questions directly. )


                    If so, I suppose you could convert it back to a DV-AVI -- though going from AVI to MPEG to AVI doesn't always net the best results.


                    Where is your original project? Can you output your DVD directly from it instead of going through all these extra layers?

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                      JamesAB Level 1

                      I'm sorry for the confusion, Steve. With my limited technical knowledge, I

                      try very hard to understand what you want and to reply as clearly as I can.


                      All the video clips ex camcorder were, unfortunately, but of necessity at

                      the time, converted to Mpg before importing into the project. This is the

                      only format I have them in now.


                      I will try converting one clip back to AVI and see what results.


                      Kind Regards and thank you for your help,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Rather than doing that, Jim, start a new Premiere Elements project. When you do, select the settings for Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder, 720x480 and load the MPEG into that.


                        This setting will automatically reverse the field options, and if you output your DVD from it, you shouldn't have jittery playback.


                        Just don't confuse the project settings. AVIs in a DV project; MPEGs in a Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder project.


                        If you're interested, my books explain in more detail how and why these methods work with each file type. And they may be able to save you making these kinds of mistakes in the future.

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                          nealeh Level 5

                          Jim, You mentioned that your project is PAL - it would be helpful to check that your clips are also PAL and not NTSC. Please analyse your clip with GSpot and post a screenshot here.


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                            JamesAB Level 1

                            I think Steve has put his finger on it and I will redo the DVD as he suggests. Nealeh, the clips were certainly in Pal Format.


                            Thanks to everyone for the help.

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                              nealeh Level 5

                              In which case your project preset needs to be selected from the PAL presets - Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder, 720x576.


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                                JamesAB Level 1

                                Yep! got that. Steve had actually given pre-sets for NTSC but of course here

                                in the UK we use PAL.

                                Hopefully should be ok now - apart from all the work to redo all the project

                                with the correct pre-set! Still I have learnt something I shall not forget.


                                Thanks again.