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    issue / problem adding audio in Presenter 7 (PowerPoint 2010)


      Since I got a new PC (Windows 7), I'm having an issue / problem adding audio in Presenter 7 (PowerPoint 2010).

      It doesn’t happen every time, but randomly with many presentations...


      In PowerPoint, right after I import audio (through Presenter) and click “ok”, I get the following errors:



      Then, I can't get into the "import/sync/edit" mode, from the Presenter tab...
      Already tried reinstalling Presenter, resaving new presentations, deleting the .ppcx/audio folders, importing the audio locally (vs from my network drive), etc.

      Then sometimes, randomly, it will let me get back in and edit the audio, after numerous attempts…?!? I can't figure out what the pattern is, which is causing this new problem
      (never had this problem before, w/ my old PC - Win XP / PowerPoint 2003 / Presenter 6 & 7)


      Anybody have an idea what the issue could be?




      Mike P.

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          My colleague and I are running into the same problem, but we have PowerPoint 2007 and Windows 7.I think I had run into this when I have XP, but certainly not at the frustrating frequency I'm dealing with it now


          It mostly doesn't work, giving us the exact same errors identified above, but some times--seemingly randomly--it comes to life and allows us to import audio.


          Any advice on this?

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            VideoPep Level 2



            I  tried to reproduce this issue but I am not getting any error message. Please provide us following information; this might help to reproduce this issue:-

            1) You are seeing this issue in  PPT or PPTX

            2) You seeing this issue in newly created presentations or its just old presentation which is not working properly.

            3) OS and PowerPoint version

            4) If this issue is consistent on any particular presentation then please share it.

            5) Can we have exact reproducible steps




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              mcarpenta Level 1

              1) PPTX

              2) Old and new

              3) Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Office Pro 2010

              4) Not a consistent issue...happens randomly, bout 40-50% of the time

              5) I create a new pres. w/ text/images with animation. Then go to the Presenter Tab/Import Audio, and choose audio tracks to import. PPT imports the audio, then as soon as that menu closes, the error msgs appear. After that, you can not open the "edit audio" window nor save the pres.


              One work-around I found is, when this happens, as soon as I get my first error msg., I go to Win. Explorer and delete the newly created "filename_pptx" folder, in the root directory of the file (with the file still open in PPT). Then, I go back to "import audio". A menu comes up asking where the audio is...I choose the middle option, to just re-import new audio tracks. Then, repeat my importing audio steps. For some reason, usually, the error msgs do not repeat again after that...usually... :-\

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                VideoPep Level 2

                Hi Mike,


                Please install Presenter 7.0.7 from www.adobe.com. Your previous 7.0 license will work in 7.0.7.

                I see your first post on March 2011. And Presenter 7.0.7 is released in August. It seem that you are getting this error in older version of Presenter. Please install new version of Presenter.