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    Textfields Reverting From Embedded Font

    dublyner Level 1

      Mac OSX 10.6.6

      Flash CS5




      I have a fairly large (16.3 MB) FLA used to publish a SWC that contains an embedded DF3 font and ui elements.  All the textfields in the FLA are named, Classic/Dynamic instances.  Everything was going fine, until one day I opened the FLA and textfields all over the document had sporadically blanked out and replaced with distorted rectangles.  When I check what the font is set to, it's at the system default (Times).


      Resetting the textfield to my embedded font fixes it, althought the height/leading of the text needs to be adjusted.


      Here are the settings of an example textfield before:





      And how it is supposed to look:





      Now here is what happens to the dialog:





      And how it now looks:





      The first time this happened, I figured it was some kind of mistake I made and fixed all the textfields by hand.  Now this is the second time, and I am somewhat concerned that if this is a recurring issue, it will destroy my project.