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    Question - Saving as ePub in Digital Editions


      I have digital editions installed to manage by ebooks.  Since I am having issues with some books being too small to read comfortably on screen in pdf format, I was going to try and purchase a couple of new books and "save" them in epub format.  It seems like they keep automatically saving in .pdf, and I can't figure out how to get them into epub format.  When I buy the books, it reports the books as supporting adobe formats or whatever, but there doesn't seem to be anything that specifies if that is pdf or epub.  How can I either specify that, or have digital editions do that conversion so that I have the reflowable read.  My device (Kobe reader) supports either.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The bookstore determines the format that you will get the book in.  In your case they are giving you the book in PDF format.  ADE will not let you change the format, so if you would prefer to have the content as ePub you will need to contact the bookseller to state your preference.

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            tcatnodak999 Level 1

            I seem to be caught between various support organizations with something I don't understand.  When I click on the info for the book on the Penguin website, it reports that book is "eBook: Adobe reader", it doesn't specify either .pdf or .ePub.  I get the .acsm file, and dowload the book in Adobe Digital Editions, and the result is that I have a .pdf book on my PC hard drive that I can then use digital editions to connect to the device and transfer.  Penguin support seems to be stuck on it being a digital editions problem.  Here was their response, of course it was less than helpful and I sent another question into them.  I guess bottom line is if I could tell if a book was .pdf or .ePub before I bought it, or could specify the format it was retrieved in, I would continue to purchase, barring that I can't continue.  Would you have any advice on how I could phrase my question to them?


            Consumers using Adobe/Acrobat Reader Version 8 or earlier may not be able to open certain eBooks and should attempt to download and install the latest version of Digital Editions, which provides the eBook capabilities integrated with previous versions of Acrobat and Reader.  


            Our eBooks are digitally rights managed (DRM) and can be opened with Adobe Digital Editions--.ascm is the file extension used by Adobe Digital Editions to read DRM eBooks--such as ePub or PDF.  Please confirm that you have registered and activated Adobe Digital Editions with your adobe ID. If you have already done so, please provide the specific error message you are getting when you try to open the .ascm file with adobe digital editions.

            Please refer to the Adobe Digital Editions help site for more information:




            Please note: Apple Products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch do not currently support the Adobe Digital Editions DRM used in the Adobe and ePub formats that are available on our site.


            For instructions on how to open your eBook purchase using a Adobe Digital Editions with the Nook, Kobo or Sony Reader, please see Answer ID #2612.
            http://penguingroup.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22/session/L3NpZC93Y1JoTWo0aw%3D% 3D


            The Adobe and ePub formats that are sold on the Penguin Group (USA) web site cannot be transferred Kindle or to Apple devices; however, eBooks offered in eReader format are supported by Apple devices through the use of applications such as eReader and Stanza.





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              I read your email, and was puzzled also.  So I went to the Penguin website

              to seek clarification.  I'm used to reading between the lines (pardon the

              pun) when discussing technological issues, and in this case, I don't think I

              need to.


              If you look at the description of the book on the main page, it tells you

              what the format is.  It's in the text to the right of the cover picture,

              right above the text that says 'Other Formats', and all of the ones I see

              say 'ePub eBook'.  The bolded text 'Adobe Reader:ebook'  is the misleading

              part, but it indicates that the Adobe software can be used to download the

              ebook.  There are a couple that reference other download software, such as

              Microsoft ereader and the generic ereader.  So, if you choose to download

              one that says 'Adobe....', you'll be able to download it to ADE.


              The rest of the text here refers to the technology involved, and most of it

              is related to how ADE works, its limitations and the devices that it

              supports.  I'm not sure it applies to your situation.


              Penguin does have instructions for downloading to various ereaders.  I would

              hope that those instructions are a bit clearer.


              Hope this helps!